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Web Data Processing Suite


Atoolo is a comprehensive collection of PHP libraries and tools specifically designed to optimize the processing of pre-produced data for websites. Atoolo is not a stand-alone framework, but serves as a supplement to the Symfony framework. It extends projects with special functionalities that are not included in Symfony as standard. Atoolo contains various Symfony bundles that integrate seamlessly into Symfony projects. Atoolo takes on the task of a front-end delivery system and prepares the data of a content management system (CMS) for the requirements of a front-end system.

Key Features#

GraphQL interface#

Atoolo facilitates the creation and deployment of GraphQL interfaces. These interfaces enable web applications to access structured data, perform complex search queries and interact with the components of the suite for dynamic data processing.

Full-text index integration#

Atoolo provides tools and methods for full-text indexing of data. This functionality enables large amounts of data to be searched efficiently and relevant information to be found quickly.

Runtime checks#

To ensure the proper functioning of web applications, Atoolo offers a series of runtime checks. These monitoring mechanisms help to detect potential problems at an early stage and ensure the reliability and stability of the application.


Atoolo provides various tools and methods to facilitate and automate the deployment of web applications.